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Steve's Photos

For awhile, I was had quite a love affair with my '64 Cadillac. I never came up with the money to restore it, but I enjoyed it as much as possible and made many photo galleries and videos. Below are nearly all of them from 2008-2011. Enjoy! :)

Quarter Panel and Paint Job - Butch's photos of installing a new right rear quarter panel and giving the car a new coat of paint ... Restoration Work

(July 2012)

New Owner - I sold my 1964 Cadillac 6-window sedan to a friendly couple in Ohio. This is my final photo gallery of Elma, and I will miss her ... Butch's Photos

(October 2011)

Classic Cadillacs - I parked my 1964 Cadillac 6-window sedan next to a local friend's two 1964 Cadillacs in his yard. He owns a '64 Cadillac limousine and Fleetwood ... Three Classic Cadillacs

(June 2011)

Walk Around Video - A leisure drive of the Cadillac that includes one mountain scenery photo and a walk around video ... View Photo and Video

(July 2010)

Getting It Running Again - After eight long months of neglecting my car, I finally charged the battery and got it running again. Enjoy my photos and video from the day ... View Photos and Video

(March 2010)

1964 Cadillac Brother Mark - My younger brother visited me for the weekend and after whitewater rafting, we returned home to relax, take a drive in the Cadillac and take photos of it ... View Photos

(July 2009)

1964 Cadillac Cadillac For Sale - I drove the Cadillac for the first time since putting her up for sale. I captured some nice mountain views as I cruised in Chaffee County ... View Photos

(April 2009)

Owner's Manual Afternoon Drive - An assortment of photos from my latest drive in the Cadillac. I'm pleased to say I have the original owner's manual ... View Photos

(March 2009)

1964 Cadillac Local Drive - I went on a well-deserved drive on a Friday afternoon. I brought alone Stephen Naegele as we traveled on a quiet dirt road in Chaffee County ... View Photos and Video

(February 2009)

Cadillac Video - I went for a drive on a quiet Friday and made a video dedicated to the Cadillac. Included are four photos of this beautiful car with mountains in the background ... View Photos and Video

(January 2009)

Visit To Gas Station - My Cadillac has a massive 30-gallon tank! I only filled it up with 1.2 gallons at a local gas station, and it was somewhat tricky inserting the gas pump into the tank area. That is located behind the back license plate and in ... Read More

(July 2008)

First Drive - It was nearly a month since buying this Cadillac and I finally took it for a short drive in the mountains. The car ran great and I captured a photo of myself, the car and Mt. Yale in the background. Read More

(July 2008)

I made many videos of my 1964 Cadillac. Adjacent is a simple walk around and tour on a sunny summer day. All of my videos:
  • Cadillac Speeds By
  • First Video
  • Windy Walk Around
  • Power Window Fixed
  • Driving Along
  • Evening Drive
  • Happy It's Running
  • Chaffee County Road 300
  • Having Fun
  • Tail Lights
  • Dirt Road
  • Cowboy Music
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